East meets west. Bastard has a complex pattern and a soft, warm feel attractive even those who like it cool and minimalistic. An elegant contrast without equal.

The design for bastard was created in 2003 as a further development of the weichling rug. It is, so to speak, the colourfully patterned child of the remaining yarns of seven different monochrome coloured weichlings. But it is also my homage to the much praised oriental rug: the proud weight, the exclusive density, the warm-soft feel, paired with the lush, complex patterning, which inevitably tempts you to go for meditative walks following the patterns.

A series consists of three unique pieces in the format 110 x 190 cm, which are woven on the same warp but with different weft colours and are thus subtly or also clearly different from each other. And each series is woven in a new colour combination. Special formats are possible on request.


Floor carpet made of 100% wool
(Switzerland, New Zealand)
Seven coloured
Standard size 110 × 190 cm
Made to measure on request
Maximum width 230 cm
Handwoven in Switzerland
Design: Isabel Bürgin 2003

Pieces with a * are sold.