The second carpet quality made of pure Swiss sheep’s wool by Isabel Bürgin is a pictorially independent carpet woven on a two-coloured linen warp which ends at the bottom and top in a dynamic braiding pattern. The characteristic knob structure is the result of the deliberate amplification of an error. The distribution of the knobs on the fabric surface is improvised. The format is divided into 3 areas and 2 colours. The central colour is a square. The other colour fills one and two thirds of the rest of the format, below and above the square.


Floor carpet
Made of 100% Swiss wool (weft) and 100% linen (warp)
Weft rep fabric, 2-coloured
Black and raw striped warp, braided ends
Available in individual colour ways
Maximum width 300 cm
Handwoven in Basel
Warp ends hand-braided by ÖKO-JOB, Basel
Design: Isabel Bürgin 2017