My latest carpet design nopp is based on a long and a short story. About 25 years ago I discovered a Sardinian weaving technique from the 19th century in a book that immediately fascinated me. With this special loop technique, geometric patterns are worked by means of a rod as a relief into the raw white fabric of wool or linen. These simple yet rich fabrics have made a lasting impression on me. Nevertheless, these pictures have been dormant in a hidden chamber of my memory labyrinth for decades. When I recently started to weave small colour patterns for the duo, my first carpet made of Swiss sheep’s wool, I got into a spin all over the place and the little bows, which I was to lay with the weft yarn immediately turned out to be a bumpy inaccuracy in the perfect flat fabric. And just at the sight of these faulty places the long forgotten pictures of the Sardinian looped fabrics overwhelmed me. I was lucky and had a good rest of warp left. So I put together what lit up from so far away with what lay in front of me. This is how the carpet nopp was made in one blink of an eye: I intentionally reinforce and check a weaving fault and pull the weft yarn at the bottom of the bow slightly through the warp threads. This creates the loops or pimples. The distribution of the pimples on the fabric surface is improvised. The format is divided into 3 areas and 2 colours. One colour forms a square. The other colour fills the rest of the format to one and two thirds, below and above the square.

Why actually, I have asked myself again and again, does the warp material of a carpet has to live such a hidden existence as a mere carrier compared to the weft material as a pattern and colour giver. Now I have given it a new dimension in the duo and nopp carpets. The warp material linen is not only very strong and durable, it is also noble. Although it is completely covered over the entire surface of the carpet in this classic weave, the weft rep, it now shows itself as a sophisticated accent in the finishes in a two-colour patterned, braid finish.



Floor carpet made of 100% Swiss wool (weft) and 100% linen (warp)
Weft rep fabric, 2-coloured
Striped warp, braided ends, black and raw
Available in individual colour ways
Maximum width 300 cm
Warp ends hand-braided by ÖKO-JOB, Basel
Design: Isabel Bürgin 2017