duo special

The Rugs

Commissioned by Swiss International Air Lines, this duo special series of 6 rugs made of pure Swiss sheep’s wool was created for the SWISS Alpine Lounge at Zurich Kloten Airport.
The designs are based on the duo rug (standard), but here extended by the combination of 2 colourways in one rug and different proportions of surface area. Three of the rugs are produced in the size 160 x 200 cm each, and three further pieces in the size 220 x 240 cm each.
The complete weaving work on the handloom, including the braiding of the bicoloured borders, was carried out by Isabel Bürgin herself in her workshop in Basel.

The Lounge

The new SWISS Alpine Lounge combines the best of both worlds: the charm of a rustic Alpine lodge with the comfort of our established SWISS Lounges. The defining characteristics include a new visual and culinary approach. The SWISS Alpine Lounge was opened on November 1, 2019.

Architecture by greutmann bolzern designstudio
Armchairs, sofas, chairs by vitra
Tables by local small enterprises and vitra
Cushions handwoven by Tessitura Valposchiavo


Six floor rugs
100% Swiss wool (weft) and 100% linen (warp)
Weft rep fabric, 3-coloured
Black and raw striped warp, braided ends
Handwoven in Basel
Custom-made by order
Design & production: Isabel Bürgin 2019