Textile designer Isabel Bürgin runs a one-woman-enterprise in Basel, Switzerland. Her products are manufactured mainly by herself or in small social enterprises, and distributed by herself. For her collection, she continually develops new products that combine the zeitgeist with the outstanding qualities of traditional materials. Her emphasis lies on the design of textiles like carpets and woollen blankets. Her carpet collection currently comprises nine standard qualities available in individual sizes and in up to 40 different colours. Each product is made in Switzerland in the highest quality. This proximity of the place of design to the place of production allows for a high degree of individuality and an exclusive service for the customers.

Cooperations and concepts
To complement her collection of carpets and blankets, Isabel Bürgin develops products and collections for industry and cooperates with other designers, such as Fiorella Fasciati for Ruckstuhl. The chaise longue grazia (2009) was a cooperation with Kuno Nüssli from kunotechnik. After training as a Colour Consultant for Architecture and the Environment at the IACC in Salzburg, Austria, she has been developing colour concepts for textiles and interiors. In autumn 2010, the Basel-based label minimö presented her carpet for children. Her cotton blanket Pacoco came forth in the Utensil Kollektion Köln in 2012 and was immedately nominated for the German Design Award. Since 2013, Isabel Bürgin has been designing blankets for the Edition Interio and cooperates successfully with Véscey Schmidt Architects, Basel.