For her rugs and blankets, Isabel Bürgin mainly uses sheep’s wool and goat hair. Furthermore, she uses materials such as paper, recycling strings, sisal and alpaca for exceptional or robust fabrics. Along with the weaving technique, the material determines the quality of the fabric.
The raw materials for Isabel Bürgin’s products come from all parts of the world, but the processing takes place in Switzerland: from the washing and carding (aligning of the loose fibres), spinning (converting the aligned loose fibres into yarn) and plying (plying several strands of yarn to a single, multi-ply yarn) to the dyeing and weaving. The two exceptions are sisal and alpaca: sisal is importedand processed, but remains undyed; the alpaca yarn is imported from Peru and dyed in Switzerland.
Since 2013, Isabel Bürgin has been using woollen yarns from Swiss sheep. She has developed these yarns together with the Vetsch spinning mill in the Prättigau, a valley in Graubünden. Isabel Bürgin enhances this almost underrated material with new colours, weaves and patterns. The wollok blanket is the first product of a new series by Isabel Bürgin, which is entirely Swiss made, from raw material to finished product.