indigo special

I have loved the particular hue of pure natural indigo for a long time. Then, in 2011 I came across the dyer and weaver Barbara Bigler, who lives and works in Aesch (Switzerland) and has specialized on dyeing indigo only. That encounter led to her first tentative dyeings of my carpet yarns. The indigo-dye of goat hair/wool-yarns yields particularly beautiful results, which I use in some of my rugs. In 2013 I had the chance to produce a first ‚sch-nur-zufall indigo special’ with two shades of Indigo.

Produced in early 2017 rug sikohazi in natural indigo has become particularly beautiful.


Indigo special
Rug or blanket quality to choice
Vegetable dye with pure natural indigo
Handwoven in Switzerland
Size, quality, pattern, and price on demand