wollok special

No wool waste!

In the summer of 2022, when we were all still sweating heavily, Isabel Bürgin sifted through boxes of material, weighed, calculated, sketched and finally set up the loom with a 25-meter-long warp. The result is a wonderfully colorful unique series of blankets made of Swiss wool, improvised on the loom, partly mixed with a little alpaca.

Isabel Bürgin’s new unique series of nine wool blankets “wollok special” 2022 is a further development of the blanket wollok, created from their leftover yarns of Swiss sheep’s wool and partly additionally Peruvian Superfine Alpaca, which she usually uses for blankets and scarves. The improvisational design method for each blanket takes place directly on the loom and is conditioned by the available quantities and colors of the leftover yarns. It shows a mixture of playful spontaneity and many years of design and craft experience. The quality of these blankets captivates through the combination of unique material, simple weave and complex coloring: beautiful and everlasting – a thing for life!


Unique series wool blankets
Part made from 100% Swiss sheep’s wool
Part made from 50-75% Swiss sheep’s wool with 25-50% Superfine Alpaca
7 unique pieces: 130 x 210(-220) cm
2 unique pieces: 170 x 220/230 cm
Weight depending on size and density 650-730g/m2
Handwoven in Basel/Switzerland
Design and production: Isabel Bürgin 2022

Note: the complex colors of these blankets are very difficult to capture photographically, therefore these images cannot possibly reproduce the exact colors of the originals, but convey as close to the original mood as possible.